10 ways babies are like dogs

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photo (10)1) They chew their toys, and your shoes, and the doorstop, which are basically all the same to them

2) They slobber. Over everything

3) They bite, but a bit harder than a canine

4) They make loud noises on sighting other animals

5) They poo in public and don’t care who’s watching

6) They need regular walks to reduce feral behaviour

7) They fetch the ball, on all fours, whilst panting with excitement

8) Though they love a new face, they’re pretty loyal, especially when you have treats

9) They beg for scraps, though a tad more forcefully, in fact viciously than any dog or beast

10) They like having their bellies tickled, although this can often lead to the aforementioned biting

Some will agree the similarities are startling…. Some will say I need to get out more! However I swear if my son could clean his own bum and was a bit hairier, there would really be little difference. Dare I ask your thoughts?!

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8 thoughts on “10 ways babies are like dogs

  1. My daughter is so much like a dog I’ve changed her name to rover!! She wants patting, sits at my feet waiting for scraps/dropped food and gets my car really dirty!!

  2. Yep! Mine drools everywhere and pants when she gets excited. I haven’t taught her fetch yet, but all in good time! x

  3. Haha! Agree! reuben bit my big toe this morning for the first time, he’s really not a biter. Man that hurt!!! It still hurts now and I don’t think he’ll do it again thanks to me screaming like a banshee! Thanks for linking in to #TheList xxx

    • Owch at the toe, that sounds like intense pain! Mine nips me mostly with excitement and affection so I’m always torn how to react as he’s officially being sweet… yet also evil! Great linking up with #TheList – fab linky x

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