Bear With…

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bear withPlease excuse the off-parenting post, but this seemed the best way to let regular readers know that as I’m moving websites at the moment, there may be a little disruption whilst everything gets shifted over. So if things look a bit strange – well stranger than normal – rest assured, I will be back… Lucky you!

As I know even less about websites than I do about babies, I’m mainly crossing my fingers and saying a prayer that email subscribers move over seamlessly, and understand that this should be the case. However if you don’t get a new post from me in the next week or so, please check back here at the usual address www.bigtroubleinlittlenappies so we don’t lose touch! Thanks 🙂

People who follow me via the WordPress Reader will continue to view my posts this way, and I yours, although commenting from a phone may be a bit awkward, for which I apologise. If easier, you are most welcome to join the Facebook page by click click clicking right HERE.

Thank you as ever for your support and see you on the other side!


6 thoughts on “Bear With…

      • I switched over to my own site last year (I think?), but now updating my theme and stuff is making me gray. 🙂 Sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself. Haha

    • Indeed, I am finding it mega complicated, else I am mega stupid… I will let you know though, assuming I don’t crack and throw the laptop out the window in the next few days!! I’m sure it will all be worth it [deep breath]

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