It’s Halloween, Baby!

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I will haunt your dreams

I will haunt your dreams

‘90% of having a baby is dressing them up in silly outfits, right?’

A very naïve me, pre-children.

Sadly, I have discovered that is in fact NOT the case. Maybe 5% – and that’s only for as long as he is unable to forcefully object.

Today, however, is  one of them – Halloween, the only time it is acceptable to spend your day making large vegetables look sinister and roaming the streets begging for food.

Before we had our own little devil pumpkin, we got in the spirit of this occasion by buying Haribo to hand out (and scoff ourselves) and spent the night with friends, watching super scary films with wine and popcorn, recklessly shrieking away and staying up late in the way only people who can sleep and make noise when they want can do. Continue reading